Design Process For Pros

Design Process - Live Ebook

This repository contains content of the following ebook.

How to set it up locally?

  1. Clone repository
git clone [email protected]:netguru/design-process.git
  1. Install all dependencies
yarn install
  1. Run local server
yarn start

Now all your changes should be visible on localhost.

How to add content and customize this ebook?

This e-book is built upon vuepress-theme-live-ebook. Visit its' documentation for detailed instruction and tips.

How to deploy new version?

This e-book uses Netlify for CI and deployment. Anything that goes to master is automatically deployed.

How to contribute as non-dev person?

You're going to need two tools:

If have those installed, make sure you have write access to the repository. You can create ticket here

  1. Open Github App, and find the repository to clone:
Clone repository
  1. Click on the current branch, to open branch navigation:
Open branch navigation
  1. Create new branch:
Create new branch
  1. Now you can open your editor and edit source files.

  2. Once you're done editing, go back to Github App and commit your changes:

Commit changes
  1. After your changes are locally commited, you can publish your branch:
  1. Since work should be collaborative, now you should create Pull Request on github.
  • visit the repository and click on New Pull Request
  • make sure the base branch is set to master
  1. Once your changes are reviewed by one of your collegues, you can Merge the Pull Request.

  2. Changes merged to master branch will be automatically deployed, and should be live in the next 3 minutes.